Red Wave App

The Red Wave App has America First resources, along with groups to discuss how to succeed with proven solutions.


Red Wave Strategy

The Red Wave Strategy is to reshape the GOP by coordinating info and solutions, supporting America First candidates at all levels, and implementing the primary plan.


The proper positive branding of the Republican party, and the horrifying bigotted history of the Democrat party has not been told. Democrats are made to feel morally superior not knowing the evil history, strategy, and tactics of the Democrat party.


The Republican party has been corrupted by the leadership that has consolidated power. They are unwilling to share the knowledge of how the party can easily be aligned, and America saved.


Precinct committeemen/women vote to primary when candidate ratings are too low, don't introduce litmus legislation, and don't follow local or Red Wave App initiatives

Red Wave Solutions

The Red Wave App helps track and coordinate solutions. Depending on the issue, members can share info about groups that are succeeding, and tactics that are working.